Race Meeting 22 August

Details will be added here as they come to hand. The update will be in the title. Remember that we are subject to COVID Rules, and these can’t even be bent, never mind broken. They are changing on a regular basis, however, so watching here is probably the most important thing you can do.

We now have a local Sprintcar club, and the members are rising. When last asked, we were told there was ‘somewhere between 6 and 8’ cars ready to race – so we’re assuming 7. At least.

The F500s will be out in reasonable numbers, and we’ve already had expressions of interest from Townsville to bring up a whole flock of F400s.

The Cairns Production Sedan class is looking interesting, with a few of the cars showing off new livery for the 2020 season so things are going to look a little different. Ford v Holden, anyone?

The supporting classes will be there in force – these are the guys who love their speedway and just want to go racing. In many cases it’s a step up from the support classes (including dirt gokarts) to a more expensive level of racing. They’re out there having fun, and in some classes, it doesn’t cost that much to join in.