Race Meeting 17 September – Modified Sedan NQ Title

The Super Sedan NQ Title in August is a hard act to follow, but the Modified Sedans reckon they are up to the challenge!

Following on after all the highly successful meetings so far this year, we are at it again – providing more ground pounding action through as many classes as we can fit in, with the Feature Event for this meeting being the North Queensland Modified Sedan Championship! Are you a Ford or a Holden supporter? There will be lots of action regardless of who you follow!

The racing this season has been fast and furious, so get along and we’ll show you what we’ve got!

Tickets are available from the Online Ticketing option on the menu above.

Follow us on our YouTube Channel too – races are posted in the days following the meeting. There’s nothing like being there live, but then you get to see all the bits you missed as well.