Something New – Online Ticketing (Spectator Area Only) – LIVE NOW!

Commencing from the first event of the season, we will have online ticketing available. Quite a few people have been asking if they can buy online, so we’ll give it a go this season.

You’ll be able to buy all your tickets online either from here (select the Online Ticketing menu) or via our Facebook page. This QR code will take you directly to our event section on our ticketing service, Eventbrite.

You can also download the Eventbrite app from your smartphone’s App Store, and scan directly into the app. You will buy your tickets with your credit card and the app will generate a QR code. This will be scanned at the gate (you will use a different gate, there will be signs to show you where to go).

You will also need to fill out your COVID details, also electronically. There will be the option to use either the EVA app or the Queensland Health app. Either of these can be pre filled.

There’s going to be a bit of work to make all this happen, but please bear with us. It’s the way of the future…